This term we have been doing lots of great things all that have been really fun. In week 2 of this term we went to the athletics carnival. The athletics carnival was heaps of fun and really enjoyable going in many races and events was really fun. I competed in 100 m and 200 m and high jump, also the championship house relay. It was really fun and exciting at the same time, it was great.

This term we have also been doing novel studies. Novel studies is where we read a book together in a group and we get assigned roles to do every week e.g I was reading the boy who dared (which I am), I got assigned artful artist, I had to draw something in what we have been reading. There are different roles that each student does every week and its great. Parents come in every Friday and we do our roles with them and read some of the book. Novel studies has been one of my highlights this term and its going really great.

We have also been doing a coding online called GROK learning. We do different coding and we complete different challenges once we have completed the weeks challenge we get a lolly snake (thats the best part).

Key things I have found great this term

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